Manufacturers Comments

Today, a large part of the equipment supplied by GENTEC consists of COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) products. However, the manufacturer’s commitment cannot simply stop after dispatching of the goods. Projects demand to modify engineering and fabrication; integration and customization are common concerns, and it goes on with commissioning and training. GENTEC has the necessary experience to establish and maintain this vital dialog between customer and manufacturer. First off, GENTEC has made it a firm policy to deal only with those manufacturers, who will provide the services we feel necessary to properly support our customers.

As the representative of the manufacturer we will ensure full support from their home organization, which includes direct access to their collective resources in terms of expertise, know-how, technical facilities, etc. It has been our common policy to send GENTEC engineers and technicians to the manufacturer's facilities for training on both commercial and technical aspects of the products.

Similarly, we also bind our manufacturers to send senior engineers to the Kingdom during the launching of a new product, or at the start of representation agreement. Presence of manufacturers' engineering staff allows adapting of the equipment and its software to local conditions within a minimum of time. The in-depth knowledge of local conditions, which the manufacturer gains in the same time, has been of inestimable value to our customers over the years.

The result of this approach translates into long standing relations with highly satisfied customers throughout the Kingdom.